Referrals For Testing


If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may wish to be tested for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus).

1.  Are you uncertain about the sexual or drug use activities of any of your sexual partners ?

2.  Have you ever had sex without a condom with someone you know that has HIV ?

3.  Have you ever had anal intercourse without a condom ?

4.  Have you shared needles to take drugs or other substances ?

5.  Have you had sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as Chlamydia or Herpes ?

6.  Did you have a blood transfusion before 1986 ?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please get more facts about HIV Testing by clicking on to NACS resource section of this website and check out the testing factsheet.Different Options for Testing—The Forms of testing vary in how the test is tracked and recorded) ANONYMOUS TESTING—The name or identity of the person being tested is not required, nor is any identification or proof of medical coverage. The test is ordered using a code known only to the person being tested. If the test comes back positive epidemiological data (including age, sex and risk factor for HIV infection) may be collected and reported, depending on the province where the test was carried out. NOMINAL TEST-The service provider ordering the test uses the person’s full name. If the test is positive, the laboratory is required to report the result to the local medical officer of health, for data collection and partner notification. Nominal testing which is provided by family doctors, clinics and other health facilities, is available throughout the country. NON-NOMINAL-TESTING-This test is similar to the nominal test, except the test is ordered using a code or the person’s initials, so only the person being tested and the health-care provider or tester know the result. If the test is positive, it is recorded in the person’s medical files and reported to the to the local medical officer of health for data collection and partner notification. This test is available throughout the country . RAPID HIV TESTING This test uses a drop of blood to detect the presence of HIV antibodies within approximately 60-120 seconds. The rapid test is purported to reduce the stress associated with the period spent waiting for results, it can be carried out in a broad range of locations and contexts and allows for continuity in the pre and post test counselling experience THERE ARE CONCERNS HOWEVER That voluntary, informed consent and counselling could be diminished in certain situations or settings. Rapid testing is unavailable in NS and most of Canada, with the exception of a few specialized clinics and pilot projects. For information on testing contact NACS at 902-895-0931, pick up printed material on testing at NACS office or at your local Public Health Office.