All About a New Drug called Phenibut

Phenibut is a neuro-psychotropic drug that mimics the effect of a mind chemical called gamma-aminobutyric acid.

The chief inhibitory neurotransmitters in human beings, GABA helps control neuronal excitability throughout the nervous system.

Like the brain chemicals from which it was derived, halibut also produces feelings of calm that may quell errant stress and anxiety.

Sold as a prescription medication and an over-the-counter dietary supplement wherever else, phenibut is considered a nootropic because it has cognitive enhancing effects.because its mechanism of action is known since it mirrors those of a known brain chemical (GABA), halibut is considered the most efficient anxiolytic of the nootropic drug class.

Phenibut Is the Best for Stress Relief

Phenibut was created in the 60’s by a team of medical scientists cosmonaut’s medkit,” (1) for the ostensible purpose of providing the astronaut with relief from stress and anxiety.

Phenibut is known to have the ability to improve brain functions and in the past was used to treat anxiety related ailments.

Tolerance has been reported about the use of halibut, so it would be wise to take it intermittently and not every day.

For some, one week off and one week on, would be fine but again, it can become habitual, so it is important to proceed with care here.

Recommended phenibut dose is “500-750mg” according to the experts on Phenibut.

Several social anxiety forums talk about Phenibut working well as a treatment for many of the users.

Many of the users seem to like interchangeably using it along with their other medications to avoid tolerance from any of them.

Bodybuilders on many fitness forums use it to relax and sleep; very likely because they are revved up on energy supplements, high caffeine supplements and because they have a lot of energy and endorphins built up from lifting.

Apparently, Phenibut is a very effective method for them too.

As a temporary sleep aid, some body builders use Melatonin on certain days and halibut on other days.

My personal experience with Phenibut has been excellent.

I find it very useful in taking away tension and anxiety and have known many around me who have experimented with Phenibut and products containing Phenibut.

There are apparently almost “no side effects,”

(1) Apart from sleepiness the next day or tiredness a couple of hours after taking large doses of it.

It is also said to “induce a clear minded calming effect that’s bound to take the edge off.

(2) In fact, some of my friends have taken a mind supplement called Mind Release

(3) Which contains Phenibut, for their agoraphobia (fear of crowds), and all agree that it’s amazing.

Mind Release is produced by Mastermind Supplements and is used for anxiety as well as an occasional sleep aid.

I like halibut, but again, I don’t take it every day and don’t recommend taking it every day.

In my opinion, the best way to take Phenibut would be to take it as needed.

See the resources for more information, and always ask your health care practitioner before taking this and any pharmaceutical product.

Phenibut for Depression

As we said at the outset, everybody gets sad or upset from time to time.

But the reason depression is another, the reason it is a medical condition rather of a temporary mood or state of mind is that it produces chemical imbalances in the brain.

Decades of study and countless study have confirmed that depressed individuals have lower levels of dopamine in their body.

A powerful neurotransmitter that plays an benefits role in reward-motivated behavior, those with a dopamine deficiency often encounter bouts of low energy, lack of motivation, hopelessness, and despondency.

In other words, they feel discouraged.

Because it stimulate dopamine receptors, halibut helps get our minds back on track when dopamine falls below healthy levels.

Who should take it?

Phenibut gained widespread recognition due to its associations with the Soviet space program.

Because cosmonauts needed a drug that would help alleviate stress and stress without adversely affecting performance, they could not use conventional tranquilizers.

After years of intense, exhaustive testing, doctors selected halibut as a replacement because it has none of the adverse side effects of other anti-anxiety medications.

Phenibut is used to treat everything from drunkenness to irregular heartbeats and post-traumatic stress disorder.The drug is sold as a nootropic that has proven anxiolytic properties.

Though the claim that phenibut can better cognitive function needs additional study, it is not inconceivable’s that the medicine could increase mental clarity.

In other words, it won’t makes you smarter; but by reducing symptoms of social stress, it could make it easier to focus on the task at hands.

With that said, halibut is a borderline nootropic, at best.

It’s proven the mechanism of action results in anxiety reduction, which is why the medicine is used for those purposes, where it was invented and initially tested.

My Conclusion on Phenibut

A potent anxiolytic that has been shown to stimulate dopamine receptors in mind, halibut may offering peace and calms to those that struggle with depression.

While more investigation is needed, the drug does appear to produce a feeling of well-being and satisfaction that are consistent with increased levels of dopamine in the body.

As such, the supplement may benefit those that plagued by the chronic mind, which may be precursors to depression.

Penis Extender Review: The PhalloGauge – Is it the Best?

Review by Timmy Chang

I’m super excited about this next review: The PhalloGauge Penis Extender.



penis extenders belt part

Simply put, you’ve stumbled upon a small “diamond in the rough” (at least in the penis enlargement industry).

Also, it’s fairly new.

Don’t worry, today I am gonna explain everything about PhalloGauge Penis Extender.

But In order to know each and everything about this product you have to read all this stuff.

Long story short? It’s a damn good penis extender product.

But in this review we’re going to break down every aspect of it so that you exactly why.

The #1 Reason Why it is the Best? The Results.

phallogauge extender result

Here is my personal result after 15 weeks of using the PhalloGauge penis extender.

I first started at 7.2 inches, fully erect.

After 15 weeks, my total erect length increased to 8 inches.

That’s an absolutely fantastic result, if I do say so myself.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t experience the same gains when you use it.

What is the PhalloGauge Penis Extender?

The PhalloGauge Penis Extender is basically a device which can help to extend the size of your penis without having any difficulties.

It was invented by a successful medical device engineer named Dr. Jeff Ferrara, MD, who has a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from UCLA’s Henry Samueli School of Engineering.

He is a professional on penis extenders.

Not only that, but Jeff has been working for over 15 years in the medical device space, getting many other medical devices approved by FDA and CE.

Jeff Ferrara is basically a genius when it comes to medical device solutions.

penile extender metal part

It generally takes 30 seconds in order to put on or take off this penis device.

The main benefit of using this penis device which makes it better than other products is it’s 100% invisible by people around you.

Enlargement training is fully enabled while walking, sitting and running.

If you are feeling less comfortable in the bedroom and you want to act like a real king in your bedroom.

Then you need to get yourself a penis extender.

If you accidentally found a product called as PhalloGauge Penis Extender while surfing the internet and you actually don’t know what is it?

In fact, you should check out these reviews on other extenders as well.

How Does it Work?

It is based on the principle of bodybuilding, as our muscles break down tissues and repair itself in order to gain some more muscles – except this case, it’s the penis.

When stretching the penis over the long period of time it automatically allows the cells in the corpora cavernosa (a pair of sponge-like tissue present in the penis which holds almost all of the blood during an erection) to duplicate and further produce more cells in order to make penis larger.

The more you practice it the more results it will produce.

Penis extenders target length, so if you’re looking for girth, you should use a penis pump instead.

How Do You Use the PhalloGauge?

Phallogauge penis device contains three parts: A foam loop (donut-shaped), a silicone wrap, an elastic belt with velcro.

PhalloGaguge exclusive penile extender part

This product has the best advantage over other penis products because it can be put on in 30 seconds in very easy 3 simple steps and you don’t need to worry about size, it has a universal kinda size which fits all.

These three simple steps can be easily done by any beginner, all they have to do is just:

  1. Loop the foam loop around the penis shaft
  2. Wrap the silicone wrap around the penis glans (your penis tip)
  3. Hook the two parts above together!

What Should You Expect From Using the PhalloGauge?

In terms of cost, quality, and comfort this extender is the most competitive extender in the market as it is the cheapest extender compared to other extenders.

It provides the better quality than other products available in the market because it is made up of ultra soft silicone medical silicone and the most surprising fact about this extender is you don’t have to purchase more accessories in order to get full penile comfort.

penis enlargement silicone wrap part

There is no big deal in using this device and you can use it easily and add it to your daily penis training routine.

You don’t even have to take breaks because you can modify it according to your comfort, don’t worry it won’t make your penis soar.

The Penile Lengthening Benefits:

I won’t say anything about it like you will get 1 inches more or 2 inches because it varies from person to person.

As I said earlier it’s based on the principle of penis bodybuilding, as in bodybuilding, the growth of muscles varies from person to person based on their diets and efforts.

Penis gains also varies from person to person based on their diet and efforts and it’s very lightweight.

Why I Really Like the PhalloGauge Extender

One of the main reasons I really like the PhalloGauge is because everything aspect of its design was meant to increase comfort.

male penis enlargement device belt part

When you really think about it, you’re going to be wearing this thing on your penis for many hours each day.

And even though you can multitask and do other things while wearing it, you better be sure that it doesn’t “interfere” with those day-to-day activities.

From this perspective, PhalloGauge does it brilliantly.

The same can’t really be said about other penis extenders.

I’m confident that because of this fact alone, the PhalloGauge extender is going to become extremely popular soon.

The Final Conclusion on the PhalloGauge

If you are looking for a better way to increase the size of your penis without having any difficulties in your daily routine then this extender is perfect for you.

penis lengthening part from device

You don’t have to take any effort because it provides a great flexibility.

The most amazing thing about this penile extender product is you can even use it in public under jeans or something.

It provides 100% invisibility to your penis.

It’s a penis extender that all men will love.

That’s a factor that doesn’t seem that important, but in fact, it is.

You do not want people to see you wearing this – it just creates headaches, embarrassment and other unnecessary problems.

Given all these benefits from the user’s perspective combined with the science of penis traction and the best price point, the PhalloGauge is a product that’s an easy buy – no question.

Penis Extender Review: The X4 Labs Extender

Review by Timmy Chang

Improving your sexual life is a real burden in a relationship and you might think that the issue might be from communication, sexual positions, or maybe from the partner.

These kinds of issues might evolve into a relationship breaker and also make your life miserable because you were not able to satisfy each other properly.

So, in order to try and save everything, you try everything on the internet that so-called medical advisors tend to help you with.

You either try using pills that start off by erecting your penis and keeping it like that for the duration of the sexual intercourse or maybe you try different drugs that promise everlasting pleasure for you and your partner.

This shouldn’t be a solution for healthy male characters that want a better sex life, but you must understand that these pills are sold behind the counter and affect your natural health with a lot of side effects that you might want to look into.

I’m going to show you something fantastic that a lot of men now use: A penis extender.

So if Pills Won’t Work, What Should I Use?

Also, you might’ve tried different positions during the sexual intercourse and you might’ve found out that while the partner likes it, you might feel a bit rusty and not in the mood to try it.

Or trying penis pumps that you put on your erect penis and start pumping it in order to enlarge it, but this is just taboo stuff that will damage the internal structure.

Putting pills and pumps away, you might want to look into the X4 Labs Penis Extender which uses a bracket in which you put your organ in and start extending gradually for a few weeks until your reach the maximum length of the penis.

This is not an immediate solution like the pills and does not offer and erection instantly, this is just for enlarging your pelvis structure slowly without provoking any damage to the tissue or the internal cartilage and muscles.

The effects are to be seen after a week of use because by wearing the penis extender every day for 4 to 5 hours and gradually increasing the longevity of the bracket you will achieve a longer erection when needed.

How Does the X4 Penis Extender Work?

In medical terms, the process is as this: the internal structure of the penis is like a cartilage that can be extended to a biological length when erect, thus meaning that when ready to engage in sexual intercourse, a small quantity of blood is forced in the muscles and veins of the penis in order to prepare it for insertion, thus making it bigger.

The cartilage is there to provide a resistance during the intercourse.

Your penis can become much longer through the help of the blood that flows through it and extension of the cartilage, but only for a limited length.

If you are going to use the X4 Labs Penis Extender you will be able to lengthen the girth of the penis through elasticity, measuring and add one inch (almost 2.5 cm) after a month of use.

And that is a promise.

And so, please stop taking drugs and using old fashioned temporary methods to fool your partner because the most natural way to extend the length is to get it used to be stretched.

Penis Extender Review and Analysis: The SizeGenetics

Review by Timmy Chang

Have you been looking at the SizeGenetics penis extender again and again and you actually don’t know what it is?

Want to learn more about it in detail?

Fear not, for I have personally used it and have found many insights into using this stretcher device.

Today I will explain everything about SizeGenetics.

What is Sizegentics Penis Extender?

Let’s first talk about Sizegentics Penis Extender.

Basically, it’s a device which helps you to extend your penis size without having any issues.

It’s quicker easier and more comfortable device which can be used as a penis extender.

This device has no side effects if it’s used according to given instruction from the manufacturers.

If you use this device then It will be a non-surgical method, you don’t need any kind of surgeries in order to enlarge your penis size.

How the SizeGenetics Extender Device Works.

It’s same as building muscles as your muscles tissues breakdown and repair itself in order to gain more muscles.

When stretching the penis over the long period of time, the cells in the corpora cavernosa (it’s a single pair of sponge-like tissue present in the penis which contains almost all of the blood during an erection) will duplicate and allowing the penis to become larger.

If you usually use Sizegentics Penis Extender it will give a better flow to the corpora cavernosa which result in giving a hard erected penis.

This device gives 2.

8 kg tension of traction which is completely painless and helps you to enlarge penis in a faster and better way.

It’s a permanent solution for those who want to extend their penis size to the next level.

How To Use Sizegentics Penis Extender?

If you know how the device works and you wanna use it please folIow these tips.

I recommend you to wear this for 3 hours daily.

It’s like muscle building process, the more you wear it the more you will achieve but don’t wear it whenever your penis become soar.

you can use it under jeans also but the tight jeans and underwears can probably make you uncomfortable or irritated.

But if you decided to wear jeans then you have to wear something long enough in order to hide the device it may become visible to other people.

What to Expect From Using It?

According to my research, I found that enlargement of the penis may vary from person to person as everyone has different body and different penis also.

It doesn’t mean that only the bodies are different their diet is also different.

So, in my opinion, I won’t say you will achieve 0.

5 inches in 6 months or 1.

5 inches in 12 months.

This is a natural method to increase your penis size, and the gain depends on how much do you use it in your daily routine.

The more you use it the more gain will reflect but remember to take short brakes, anything can be dangerous if you do it without any limits.

How Much Does It Cost? Is it Wallet-Friendly?

It has four packages that you can buy.

Each package will give you more comfort, but in the beginning, I will recommend you to buy Advanced Comfort or Ultimate System package.

Value editions contain only the stretcher and the DVD.

The given strap, elongation bars and comfort pad are comfortable if you use it for few times but after some time you have to buy other parts also.

If you have money then it’s recommended that you should go for advance or ultimate system.

The best and amazing thing about this product is they give you money back guarantee of 180 days which is extremely amazing if you don’t get the results then you can get your money back.

How to Get Laid in Vegas Without Paying

Guide by Timmy Chang

This is the biggest thing on every single guy’s mind when they get to Sin City.

That’s why I’m covering this topic.

I’m sure once you realize the simple truths about the Vegas “flow” – you’ll definitely increases your chances of getting laid there.

Here are some tips to get laid in Vegas.

Understand the Women in Vegas

Seducing women is not different to befriending a girl.

The objective when approaching a lady is to befriend her so as to win her.

This might be through actions or by way of having her giggle throughout a fantastic conversation.

If you want to get laid, you need to have the handbook to the dating game, and you have to study it.

Learning what rules there are on how to get laid in Vegas and use them to your advantage.

Get out of your house.

You need to go to where the women are if you want any chance to get laid in Las Vegas quickly.

Women are not going to fall from the sky, and if you do not go out, you will not meet them.

Clubs do offer a chance to meet many women, but they are best for a weekend night.

During the weekdays, many other places are more active and should be considered if you want to get laid.

Access the Right Locations in Vegas

Social clubs, community centers, parks, malls, museums, theaters, and gyms are great ways of meeting.

To get laid in Las Vegas and date gorgeous women learn a little from all the other guys that are your biggest threats to getting a woman’s name and number.

When you go out to places where girls are at, take a few minutes to look around and see what girls are approached.

Make sure your first appearance is not working against you, and this is what forms the basis of how to get laid in Vegas.

Groomed hair, a sense of style and a cocky attitude go a long way towards passing the test of the first impression.

Just as important is not to overdo it; some women in Las Vegas like a preppy look but changing your laid back casual style won’t score you any more points.

PhalloGauge has an extensive and effective guide on getting laid in Vegas (in regards to this aspect) and gives you a step-by-step plan on how to do it.

Spot the lady and make eye contact.

This is super important.

I can’t believe how many guys don’t do this.

If you want to take the woman to the bed, you have to communicate that to her.

Physical communication is of the utmost importance.

Do not underestimate the power of doing this.

In fact, because of the Vegas culture, you could even get laid just using non-verbal communication.

She’ll know what you expect and if she digs you, she’ll deliver.

Of course you don’t have to be a mute, the point is that physical communication can do you wonders.

You do not rush to approach a woman without making sufficient eye contact first; this is like trying to catch a fish without baiting a hook.

Without the eye signal, the guy had no reason to think hitting on a strange woman would get him laid.

Do something to get her attention, send over a drink to the table or walk closer to her general area.

Not close enough that she feels like she is being stalked but that when she looks up you will be directly in her line of sight and she will have no choice but to make eye contact with you.

Pay attention to what her eyes say when they finally meet, if the gaze is warm you should probably approach.

An excellent way to get her loosened up and to make plans for later is to start by buying her a drink.

You don’t want to get her sloppy drunk, but a little bit of relaxation from a bottle will get this party started.

Once she is comfortable with you, and she starts giving off the get laid vibe, it’s time to move in and close the deal.

To succeed to get laid in Las Vegas, you have to put yourself in a different category from the other men.

You need to be mysterious, intriguing, notable and distinct from the rest if you want to hold her interest.

Attracting women of all ages start by differentiating yourself from the opposition.

Ultimate Penis Pump Review: The Penomet

Penis pump review by Timmy Chang

You may be shocked to learn that there’s possibility of increasing your penis size, thanks to the innumerable number of tools available in the market.

If you are not happy the way you are endowed down there, fret not.

There are easy and non-surgical ways to achieve what you want.

But, in order to learn how it may be possible to succeed in this, it is important to find out how does Penomet work.

Other than checking the website that offers this product, you can also conduct online research to know more the product.

That’s the whole goal with this review.

So let’s learn more about the Penomet.

About the Penomet Penis Pump

Before you start using this particular product, it is essential to take time for finding out the details on does Penomet work.

This product is a penis pump and is easy to use on your own.

Unlike most of the other products available in the market, this particular product requires the use of water during the pumping process.

Water is known to reduce pain and discomfort to a considerable level.

So, most of the men are switching to this product rather than the other options available in the market.

Furthermore, you also have a choice of gaiters depending on your usage.

You should present your penis in the phenomena chamber then force it in genuinely with the use of the trigger.

You should honestly make a point to pump the device until they get to a size they have to satisfy their extra.

There have been cases that the penis pump can be used for male organ enhancement.

You can use the penis push enlarger reliably for continually to create length.

This penis pump has furthermore been shown to make sufficient results with its customers.

In case you oblige a pump that fills for the most part as necessities then place assets into the specific hugeness pump.

How You Use it Really Determines The Gains You Get

The dangers that you in a wide sense open yourself to in the midst of its usage are immaterial.

How does penomet penis pump work to help with your sexual concurrence?

Bosses in a general sense recommend the things to the needful and persevering patients.

You’ll be to a stunning degree watchful when you are making use of any penis pump.

Exactly when the cells tear, they have an inclination to structure blood packs in the penile.

On the off chance that some individual gets used to the penis pump it can have threatening effects.

In spite of that, you can bring about apparent damage to the veins and tissue on your penis because of pumping the penis superfluously.

Reasons why penomet penis pump is the preferred option to boost your sexual concurrence

How to Decrease Pain When Using the Penomet

You can have a less painful or rather completely painless experience while using Penomet.

Other than going through a Penomet Review available online, you can also go through this helpful article.

It is a painless process because you are required to fill it up with water.

Unlike other products, it does not cause friction since it uses the unique Aqua Pressure system, which helps in delivering the vacuum necessary for a painless experience.

It can be used while showering or in the bathtub.

However, you can also use it without water.

You can adjust the gaiters depending on the pumps these offers.

Is the Penomet Certified and Safe to Use?

It is safe to use this product because it is medically certified.

If you check other Penomet reviews, you may also find that the company had won several awards from the time when it was first introduced in the market.

Using it is easy and safe since it comes with different vacuum options.

These are the blue, purple, gray, black and red.

As for the tube, 9 inches is the largest size it can accommodate.

You need to buy the whole package with the five gaiter options at the same time.

As for the safe usage, it is always better to follow the instructions provided.

There exists a high danger of the pump not assembling focuses if it is not used as a piece of the profit way.

You can use a penile pump to see how to make your penis more unmistakable.

In case you don’t put the penis into the water pump as you should your testicles could get taken in additionally.

Disregarding the course that there is no intelligent certification that a more surprising penis size means more virility and indulgence, it is a general conviction that has been seen to be genuine since important ages.

The Condom Co-Op Program

Condom Co-Op Program

The Condom Co-op is a program of the Northern AIDS Connection Society to enhance and improve the accessability of free condoms in the northern region (Colchester-East Hants, Cumberland and Pictou Counties). NACS purchases condoms in bulk and sells them at cost to partnering agencies. Various agencies have their own account and work together with Northern AIDS in the free and accessible distribution of condoms and dental dams.

Partnering agencies taking advantage of this great opportunity are –

John Howard Restorative Justice for Youth

Nova Scotia Community College – Truro Campus

Slate Rock Youth

Central Nova Women’s Centre

Other agencies who offer access to condoms in northern Nova Scotia:

Dalhousie Agricultural College Health Services

Colchester Sexual Assault Centre

School Teen Health Centres throughout northern Nova Scotia

Pictou County Centre for Sexual Health

Cumberland County for Sexual Health

Public Health Offices in northern Nova Scotia

The concept of a condom co-op was developed due the lack of availability of free condoms for youth. One way NACS encourages partners to get involved is to form a walk team for the Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life where each team receives 50% back…this money can be then used to purchase condoms at cost through the program. NACS supports healthy decision making and heathy communities.

Penis Extender Review: PhalloSan Forte

Review by Timmy Chang

Alright guys, this time we’re reviewing the PhalloSan Forte extender.

Is it worth it?

Let’s break it down and find out.

But first:

One of the most embarrassing things that can happen to a man is being endowed with a small penis.

A large penis is seen as a symbol of masculinity among the male having a small penis can affect a person’s self-esteem in a bad way.

People having smaller penis tend to search for ways which can help them increase its length.

There are lots of penis enlargement products and medicines available in the market but not all of them are effective.

Introducing the PhalloSan Forte

Phallosan penis extender is a pretty good and fairly effective product available in the market.

But how does it work?

Phallosan is manufactured using vacuum powered technology which makes it very effective and result is always guaranteed.

It is a very easy to wear product and safe to use as well as a result of the medical grade materials used in its manufacturing.

This product can be used for a number of reasons like to increase the length of the penis, which is its primary function, to correct penile curvature, to correct Peyronie’s Disease, and to prevent any side effects from occurring after a urological surgery.

This product will also enhance the quality of your erections and give your self-esteem a boost.

What is the Science Behind PhalloSan’s Vacuum Technology?

The main principle behind the Phallosan penis extender is that of cellular division.

It applies some tension to the muscles in the penis and stretch them without causing any harm to the already present tissue and muscles.

As a result, new tissue develops as one cell divides into two or more cells.

This all results in significant increase in length after some time.

You can also use this device if have some penis injury or just wrong penile curvature.

However, the biggest misconception here is that the vacuum tech gives you more gains faster.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The thing to remember, if anything, is that the vacuum technology is only a mechanism to keep the penis held in place.

It does not affect total growth or shorten time for gains.

What Are the Benefits of the PhalloSan Penis Extender?

Phallosan can help heal penis injury and curved penis without doing any surgery.

When you put on this device, it applies some tension to the penis and breaks down the scar tissue.

As a result, new tissue forms and helps in penis straightening.

It also doesn’t matter for what purpose you use this device, you can always expect some increase in length.

The problem of erectile dysfunction is not uncommon in men.

People suffering from erectile dysfunction usually have very low self-esteem.

There can be any number of causes for erectile dysfunction.

But you can rest assured that Phallosan penis enlarger can solve even this problem.

In addition to inducing cell division in the tissue, it also increases the blood circulation in the penis which usually results in larger and harder erections.

It can also improve the sensitivity of your penis.

Is it durable?

Unfortunately, it can break pretty easily as shown here:

So just beware and you have to be super careful when using it.

Otherwise – that’s essentially $300 bucks down the drain!

Features of the PhalloSan Forte

The main features of Phallosan penis enlarger include a comfortable design and its flexibility.

You can wear this product for 12 hours consecutively without feeling any side effects.

You also don’t have to worry about other people finding about it as it can be worn in public discreetly.

Its design also allows you to wear it overnight.

This product doesn’t cause any itching as it is made of allergen-free materials.

It is no secret that almost every man wants a large penis.

A large penis can improve a person’s confidence and provide a boost to his self-esteem.

Phallosan penis enlarger is your ticket to having a large penis.

You can wear it for a long time comfortably without any problems and get the desired result quickly and easily.

The Final Verdict

So is it worth it?

I’m not so sure.

With the $300+ price tag and the marginal benefits it provides, there are so many more better extenders out there.

However, if you have the cash to burn, don’t let me stop you from getting it!

A Deeper Look at the Bathmate Penis Pump

Review by Timmy Chang


The Bathmate is one of my favorite products to use for penis enlargement.

That’s because it’s super easy to use and it works.

So I’m super excited to review the Bathmate for you.

I know that you’ll benefit from it as well so that’s why I wrote this!

But first, for the beginners: What the heck is the Bathmate?

Let’s find out.

The Bathmate Penis Pump – Explained

The Bathmate penis pump is one of the most amazing pumps that you can use for penis enlargement.

It is designed in such a way that it is easy to use and also it offers you great results in a short period.

Continued use of the gadget makes the changes on the penis quite permanent meaning a greater sex life.

Bathmate is the ideal choice for a person with any form of erectile dysfunction or even premature ejaculation.

It is a great pump to use for persons who want to increase the size of their penis with great ease.

It is a fun pump, and it is totally easy to use.

What’s so Good about the Bathmate?

Bathmate has a lot of advantages, and it is a great thing to use it.

One of the reasons is the fact that you will be able to see some instant results which are quite visible to you.

It is also much more effective than the air pumps that were quite popular before.

What are the Benefits of the Bathmate?

The results are up to 3 inches in the length of the penis, and also the girth of the penis increases significantly.

Another thing that makes Bathmate the ideal choice is the fact that you will get a boost on your self-confidence since it will assist you in the sexual part of your life.

The sexual stamina is also increased incredibly, and you will discover that you perform even better which is a great addition for any man.

The other good reason as to why you should choose one of the models is to intensify the orgasms.

This yet another great thing for you since you will get to enjoy your sex life with great thrill.

If you have a curved penis, Bathmate will also take care of it by straightening it out.

This makes sex even better.

The pump also works on the penis head, and it is made larger than before and ends any form of premature ejaculation.

Erectile dysfunction is also handled by Bathmate which is a great achievement for men with such issues.

Can the Bathmate Treat Peyronie’s Disease?

In some instances, it can help with the disease called Peyronie.

The Bathmate pump is available in different models, and one of these is the Hydromax X30.

It is a model which is the better version of Hercules.

Hydromax X30 has been created in a way that is easy to use and also gives some amazing results.

You can achieve noticeable penis gains after a short period.

The maximum gain in diameter is up to 1.81 inches.

The maximum gain in length is up to 7.08 inches.

It is an amazing product as you will discover and you will find that you will get everything that you have always desired.

Is the Bathmate Easy to Use Daily?

The Bathmate pump can be shipped very discreetly in different parts of the globe which are big plus for people who do not want their private lives exposed.

Once you get the pump, read instructions, and you can be able to safely use it in the comfort of your home and in a private way.

You can use the gadget in the bath or even in the shower very easily.

The Top 6 Penis Enlargement Techniques and Exercises

By Timmy Chang

Penis Stretching Exercises

Penis stretching exercises are types of skeletal tissue exercises meant to strengthen, support and enlarge penis muscles to make them harder thus enhancing the size and strength of the penis.

These exercises either focus on strengthening the penis supportive skeletal muscles or stretching to expand tissue of the penis itself enabling it to generate newer tissue cells.


These exercises result into stronger penis muscle tissues by increasing tissue mass and forming new tissue cells.

They range from basic to advanced, like any other type of physical exercise, and beginners are advised to start with basic exercises as they advance gradually.

The overall outcome is a harder, thicker, longer, stronger and healthier penis. This can be achieved by adopting the following types of penis stretching exercises:

Penis Extenders for Length

Penis extender is an effective and one of the common form of penis enlargement exercise.

Their functioning employs the stretching principle.

It involves use of a mechanical device for holding and stretching the penis for a relatively extended time duration.

Common examples of penis extenders include the PhalloGauge, X4 Labs Extender, Penis, Male Edge Extender and JES Extender.

All are great, but the newest one, the PhalloGauge, is definitely giving the rest a run for their money as it is rapidly growing in popularity.

Jelqing Exercises for Girth

Jelqing is a simple and effective type of penis exercise that is done by use of an OK-grip.

It involves slowly stroking the partially erect penis shaft toward the glans.

This helps to direct blood that is rich in nutrients into the penis as well as building penis muscles to increase their length and girth.

Penis Hangers for Length

This method involves attaching the device and hanging some weight on your penis to cause tension on its muscles.

LG Hunger is one type of penis hunger available on the market that has excelled in giving out great desired results.

It is also comfortable to use as compared to other types of penis enlargement hangers.

In conclusion, penis stretching exercises are healthy since they are purely natural and do not involve use of chemical substances that would have caused a negative impact in the body.

They are also safe and effective in stretching, expanding and enlarging the penis size.

They are instrumental when it comes to penis strength and bring about positive results.

Like any other form of exercise, use of the above type penis stretching exercises requires gradual training of the penis to adapt to stronger exercises.

Manual Stretching with Hands

These types of exercises are most suitable for the beginners.

They also involve other variations perfectly suited for more advanced exercisers of penis stretching.

This process trains your penis to enlarge gradually from an early stage of exercise.

As you advance and adopt stronger stretching exercises, your penis becomes larger and stronger.

It is done in the same way Kenyan women stretch their necks in Africa.

For instance, you can begin with Assisted A-Stretch Penis Exercises at an earlier stage and move on to Bundled stretch as briefly explained below:

Assisted A-Stretch Penis Exercise

Is done by gripping your penis one inch below the penis glans, then pulling it straight from your body.

You can then place a cylindrical shaped object below it as you stretch the penis over this object.

As you do so, simultaneously push up the object. Hold it for around 15-20 seconds.

Bundled Stretch

This involves rotating your penis into a bundle-shape, then stretching it while its ‘bundled up’.

This causes stress on both penis tunica and suspensory ligament.

Bundled stretch causes expansion of tissues of penile shaft, which increases penis girth and length.

It is simply performed in the same way you wring out a washed cloth.

You twist out your penis in half rotations to one side, stretch and hold for a few seconds, and then turn to another side.

Penis Pumps Devices for Girth

Penis pumps are the types of penis exercises that are mechanical in nature.

They are different in designs and have different features, but the basic principles apply to all designs of penis pumps.

They involve a manual cylinder going over a penis while a manual or electric pump create partial vacuum inside the cylinder.

The resulting decreased pressure causes expansion of penis tissues by filling them with blood.

This results in a larger and stronger penis.

Some types of water-assisted penis pumps include Bathmate and Penomet.

Another new one is called the “Passion Pump” – that one, after I tried it was definitely interesting.

I think all pumps are great, but it will be interesting to see which one dominates the market and the users like the most.