Penis Extender Review: The PhalloGauge – Is it the Best?

Review by Timmy Chang

I’m super excited about this next review: The PhalloGauge Penis Extender.



penis extenders belt part

Simply put, you’ve stumbled upon a small “diamond in the rough” (at least in the penis enlargement industry).

Also, it’s fairly new.

Don’t worry, today I am gonna explain everything about PhalloGauge Penis Extender.

But In order to know each and everything about this product you have to read all this stuff.

Long story short? It’s a damn good penis extender product.

But in this review we’re going to break down every aspect of it so that you exactly why.

The #1 Reason Why it is the Best? The Results.

phallogauge extender result

Here is my personal result after 15 weeks of using the PhalloGauge penis extender.

I first started at 7.2 inches, fully erect.

After 15 weeks, my total erect length increased to 8 inches.

That’s an absolutely fantastic result, if I do say so myself.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t experience the same gains when you use it.

What is the PhalloGauge Penis Extender?

The PhalloGauge Penis Extender is basically a device which can help to extend the size of your penis without having any difficulties.

It was invented by a successful medical device engineer named Dr. Jeff Ferrara, MD, who has a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from UCLA’s Henry Samueli School of Engineering.

He is a professional on penis extenders.

Not only that, but Jeff has been working for over 15 years in the medical device space, getting many other medical devices approved by FDA and CE.

Jeff Ferrara is basically a genius when it comes to medical device solutions.

penile extender metal part

It generally takes 30 seconds in order to put on or take off this penis device.

The main benefit of using this penis device which makes it better than other products is it’s 100% invisible by people around you.

Enlargement training is fully enabled while walking, sitting and running.

If you are feeling less comfortable in the bedroom and you want to act like a real king in your bedroom.

Then you need to get yourself a penis extender.

If you accidentally found a product called as PhalloGauge Penis Extender while surfing the internet and you actually don’t know what is it?

In fact, you should check out these reviews on other extenders as well.

How Does it Work?

It is based on the principle of bodybuilding, as our muscles break down tissues and repair itself in order to gain some more muscles – except this case, it’s the penis.

When stretching the penis over the long period of time it automatically allows the cells in the corpora cavernosa (a pair of sponge-like tissue present in the penis which holds almost all of the blood during an erection) to duplicate and further produce more cells in order to make penis larger.

The more you practice it the more results it will produce.

Penis extenders target length, so if you’re looking for girth, you should use a penis pump instead.

How Do You Use the PhalloGauge?

Phallogauge penis device contains three parts: A foam loop (donut-shaped), a silicone wrap, an elastic belt with velcro.

PhalloGaguge exclusive penile extender part

This product has the best advantage over other penis products because it can be put on in 30 seconds in very easy 3 simple steps and you don’t need to worry about size, it has a universal kinda size which fits all.

These three simple steps can be easily done by any beginner, all they have to do is just:

  1. Loop the foam loop around the penis shaft
  2. Wrap the silicone wrap around the penis glans (your penis tip)
  3. Hook the two parts above together!

What Should You Expect From Using the PhalloGauge?

In terms of cost, quality, and comfort this extender is the most competitive extender in the market as it is the cheapest extender compared to other extenders.

It provides the better quality than other products available in the market because it is made up of ultra soft silicone medical silicone and the most surprising fact about this extender is you don’t have to purchase more accessories in order to get full penile comfort.

penis enlargement silicone wrap part

There is no big deal in using this device and you can use it easily and add it to your daily penis training routine.

You don’t even have to take breaks because you can modify it according to your comfort, don’t worry it won’t make your penis soar.

The Penile Lengthening Benefits:

I won’t say anything about it like you will get 1 inches more or 2 inches because it varies from person to person.

As I said earlier it’s based on the principle of penis bodybuilding, as in bodybuilding, the growth of muscles varies from person to person based on their diets and efforts.

Penis gains also varies from person to person based on their diet and efforts and it’s very lightweight.

Why I Really Like the PhalloGauge Extender

One of the main reasons I really like the PhalloGauge is because everything aspect of its design was meant to increase comfort.

male penis enlargement device belt part

When you really think about it, you’re going to be wearing this thing on your penis for many hours each day.

And even though you can multitask and do other things while wearing it, you better be sure that it doesn’t “interfere” with those day-to-day activities.

From this perspective, PhalloGauge does it brilliantly.

The same can’t really be said about other penis extenders.

I’m confident that because of this fact alone, the PhalloGauge extender is going to become extremely popular soon.

The Final Conclusion on the PhalloGauge

If you are looking for a better way to increase the size of your penis without having any difficulties in your daily routine then this extender is perfect for you.

penis lengthening part from device

You don’t have to take any effort because it provides a great flexibility.

The most amazing thing about this penile extender product is you can even use it in public under jeans or something.

It provides 100% invisibility to your penis.

It’s a penis extender that all men will love.

That’s a factor that doesn’t seem that important, but in fact, it is.

You do not want people to see you wearing this – it just creates headaches, embarrassment and other unnecessary problems.

Given all these benefits from the user’s perspective combined with the science of penis traction and the best price point, the PhalloGauge is a product that’s an easy buy – no question.


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