Penis Extender Review and Analysis: The SizeGenetics

Review by Timmy Chang

Have you been looking at the SizeGenetics penis extender again and again and you actually don’t know what it is?

Want to learn more about it in detail?

Fear not, for I have personally used it and have found many insights into using this stretcher device.

Today I will explain everything about SizeGenetics.

What is Sizegentics Penis Extender?

Let’s first talk about Sizegentics Penis Extender.

Basically, it’s a device which helps you to extend your penis size without having any issues.

It’s quicker easier and more comfortable device which can be used as a penis extender.

This device has no side effects if it’s used according to given instruction from the manufacturers.

If you use this device then It will be a non-surgical method, you don’t need any kind of surgeries in order to enlarge your penis size.

How the SizeGenetics Extender Device Works.

It’s same as building muscles as your muscles tissues breakdown and repair itself in order to gain more muscles.

When stretching the penis over the long period of time, the cells in the corpora cavernosa (it’s a single pair of sponge-like tissue present in the penis which contains almost all of the blood during an erection) will duplicate and allowing the penis to become larger.

If you usually use Sizegentics Penis Extender it will give a better flow to the corpora cavernosa which result in giving a hard erected penis.

This device gives 2.

8 kg tension of traction which is completely painless and helps you to enlarge penis in a faster and better way.

It’s a permanent solution for those who want to extend their penis size to the next level.

How To Use Sizegentics Penis Extender?

If you know how the device works and you wanna use it please folIow these tips.

I recommend you to wear this for 3 hours daily.

It’s like muscle building process, the more you wear it the more you will achieve but don’t wear it whenever your penis become soar.

you can use it under jeans also but the tight jeans and underwears can probably make you uncomfortable or irritated.

But if you decided to wear jeans then you have to wear something long enough in order to hide the device it may become visible to other people.

What to Expect From Using It?

According to my research, I found that enlargement of the penis may vary from person to person as everyone has different body and different penis also.

It doesn’t mean that only the bodies are different their diet is also different.

So, in my opinion, I won’t say you will achieve 0.

5 inches in 6 months or 1.

5 inches in 12 months.

This is a natural method to increase your penis size, and the gain depends on how much do you use it in your daily routine.

The more you use it the more gain will reflect but remember to take short brakes, anything can be dangerous if you do it without any limits.

How Much Does It Cost? Is it Wallet-Friendly?

It has four packages that you can buy.

Each package will give you more comfort, but in the beginning, I will recommend you to buy Advanced Comfort or Ultimate System package.

Value editions contain only the stretcher and the DVD.

The given strap, elongation bars and comfort pad are comfortable if you use it for few times but after some time you have to buy other parts also.

If you have money then it’s recommended that you should go for advance or ultimate system.

The best and amazing thing about this product is they give you money back guarantee of 180 days which is extremely amazing if you don’t get the results then you can get your money back.

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