Penis Extender Review: The X4 Labs Extender

Review by Timmy Chang

Improving your sexual life is a real burden in a relationship and you might think that the issue might be from communication, sexual positions, or maybe from the partner.

These kinds of issues might evolve into a relationship breaker and also make your life miserable because you were not able to satisfy each other properly.

So, in order to try and save everything, you try everything on the internet that so-called medical advisors tend to help you with.

You either try using pills that start off by erecting your penis and keeping it like that for the duration of the sexual intercourse or maybe you try different drugs that promise everlasting pleasure for you and your partner.

This shouldn’t be a solution for healthy male characters that want a better sex life, but you must understand that these pills are sold behind the counter and affect your natural health with a lot of side effects that you might want to look into.

I’m going to show you something fantastic that a lot of men now use: A penis extender.

So if Pills Won’t Work, What Should I Use?

Also, you might’ve tried different positions during the sexual intercourse and you might’ve found out that while the partner likes it, you might feel a bit rusty and not in the mood to try it.

Or trying penis pumps that you put on your erect penis and start pumping it in order to enlarge it, but this is just taboo stuff that will damage the internal structure.

Putting pills and pumps away, you might want to look into the X4 Labs Penis Extender which uses a bracket in which you put your organ in and start extending gradually for a few weeks until your reach the maximum length of the penis.

This is not an immediate solution like the pills and does not offer and erection instantly, this is just for enlarging your pelvis structure slowly without provoking any damage to the tissue or the internal cartilage and muscles.

The effects are to be seen after a week of use because by wearing the penis extender every day for 4 to 5 hours and gradually increasing the longevity of the bracket you will achieve a longer erection when needed.

How Does the X4 Penis Extender Work?

In medical terms, the process is as this: the internal structure of the penis is like a cartilage that can be extended to a biological length when erect, thus meaning that when ready to engage in sexual intercourse, a small quantity of blood is forced in the muscles and veins of the penis in order to prepare it for insertion, thus making it bigger.

The cartilage is there to provide a resistance during the intercourse.

Your penis can become much longer through the help of the blood that flows through it and extension of the cartilage, but only for a limited length.

If you are going to use the X4 Labs Penis Extender you will be able to lengthen the girth of the penis through elasticity, measuring and add one inch (almost 2.5 cm) after a month of use.

And that is a promise.

And so, please stop taking drugs and using old fashioned temporary methods to fool your partner because the most natural way to extend the length is to get it used to be stretched.

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